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NEW!  Our “Chicago Brick Oven” outdoor pizza ovens. YUM!!!

What a fantastic idea and addition to your home’s outdoor living area! Okay, so possibly you have the first step- a patio. Possibly you even have branched out from there with an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor kitchen. A swimming pool or what you feel is the complete package. Yet, what about an outdoor pizza oven? Everyone LOVES pizza and what a statement it would make with the people in your life at your next party or even a family night outdoors. We, at ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape, have custom built the actual oven (indoors and outdoors) for our Atlanta clients for many years yet we have now decided to incorporate “The Chicago Brick Oven” into all of our custom stone and/or brick hardscape designs. Such a unique and fun addition to your outdoor living. From Pizza Napoletana to Sicilian to Lazio and on and on - Master the Art of Pizza - Contact Us!

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How exciting! For friends, family and all. Bring a whole new level of having a “pizza party’ to life by bringing it outdoors. Pictured here is the actual “Chicago Brick Oven” where your creations take heat.


This area is where we install a wood bin to store the wood you will use within the oven. The best woods to burn in your Chicago Brick Oven are hardwoods such as oak, maple, ash, beech and birch, or fruit and nut trees, including apple, almond, cherry, pear and pecan. It’s all about flavor!


Our outdoor pizza ovens can be stand alone facets to your hardscape, add-ons to what you have or can be incorporated into a complete new outdoor kitchen. The combinations are endless. We will help you visualize what materials and overall design will work best with your home, property and personality.


Outdoor grills, as pictured here , are always a perfect addition to our pizza ovens. Being able to grill as well as bake a wide array of appetizing dishes makes everyone happy.


Just one of many great aspects of the oven unit’s construction - The oven’s dome shape, height and flue drafting produces their unique FlameRoll™ from the in-chamber fire. The FlameRoll™ is not only beautiful, but makes it possible to fire the oven to 1,000°.

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