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From stone to pavers and brick, every home needs a patio!
Patios are an essential aspect of any hardscape, stonescape and landscape project. We at Arnold Masonry and Landscape have created an amazing portfolio of patios for our clients, making these an integral part to the complete project. Our patios have ranged from small to extremely large with the use of concrete, stone, flagstone, brick, pavers, travertine and slate. Custom designed and constructed at times even leading to a new wood deck or elevated patio. Swimming pool decks with custom pool coping leading off onto an oversized patio is always an added benefit for entertaining purposes. View a small sampling of the many patios, styles and materials used in our patios and pool decks.


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Adding a masonry patio is always a profitable investment in your home adding value. There is virtually no maintenance or upkeep to our patios. Most of our patio projects integrate other desirable hardscape facets such as this outdoor stone fireplace. Contact Us for your individualized consultation and quotation!
The “Patio” - an essential component and basic feature to all hardscape projects. Patios are an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation and define the hardscape entertaining area. The layout and design of your stone, brick or paver patio should always add to your home in a monetary as well as aesthetic value.
Many of ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape’s patios are actually elevated masonry “decks”. We are capable of creating what is visually an elevated patio using travertine or slate which has been installed onto a well constructed wood framed structure.
A swimming pool deck is a common term used for a swimming pool patio. Specific verbiage yet one the same, pool decks or patios along with complete pool patio renovations is one of our main fortes as well. From custom pool coping to complete pool decks, patio renovations, we will recreate your aged pool into the swimming pool paradise it was meant to be. Contact Us!
The patio featured here has a 4” solid concrete substrate constructed below including steel rebar reinforcement. The stone used is a flagstone indigenous to Tennessee which goes by the name of “Crab Orchard”. This patio has been created with a “random cut” flagstone design.
Adding a picture perfect water feature to your outdoor living area and hardscape, landscape design to complete a fire and water theme makes a gorgeous addition. Balance your landscape and hardscape with “The Five Elements”.


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