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What’s the Difference?

Arnold engages in both Landscape & Hardscape projects. These terms can easily be misinterpreted. Hover over the terms below to learn the difference.


Anything created around your home with
the use of living (animate) objects.
(plants, sod, trees, flowers, etc.)

Landscape Services


Anything created around your home with the
use of non-living (inanimate) objects.
(fireplaces, patios, walls, outdoor kitchens, pools, ponds, etc.)

Hardscape Services

Custom Atlanta Outdoor Living at its best!

At Arnold Masonry and Landscape we take pride in our ability to provide the very best with all of your custom landscape, masonry and hardscape projects. Whether you are seeking a complete garden or yard overhaul with brilliant landscaping features or, on the other hand, a custom, creatively designed hardscape installation (from a single stone or brick outdoor fireplace or kitchen to a new patio, water feature, walls, steps, etc.), we are your landscape and hardscape Company! What about a complete landscape and hardscape project that involves more minute details as with night lighting and an exterior sound system? A complete remodel or renovation package? Arnold Masonry and Landscape is your total turnkey Atlanta contracting company that has the knowhow, the expertise, the history, professionalism and care to create your custom project with your complete satisfaction and happiness in mind. Research our history. Check our credentials. Read our reviews. Contact us!

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