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Art meets architecture meets horticulture...

Landscape design and installation focuses on both the integrated master landscape planning of a property and the specific garden design of elements and plants within it. At Arnold Masonry and Landscape, we're really enthusiastic about creating designs that compliment our clients' styles, personalities and existing homes and environment.

Whether you’re desiring a breath of fresh air to your present landscape or a complete overhaul, Arnold Masonry and Landscape’s arborists and horticultural experts will bring forth a gorgeous renovation to your home with the use of countless varieties and species of plants, trees, shrubs and flowers, etc. Contact us!

Featured Project


A decorative stone or brick wall or perhaps a retaining tier or retaining wall? Shown- a dry stacked Ashlar retaining wall which also serves as a decorative masonry facet to this hardscape, landscape project.


Boulders! A naturally rustic addition to your landscape design. Depending on the overall landscape and hardscape design, we do enjoy incorporating stone boulders into the complete “scape”.


Stone and brick masonry borders - There are many styles of borders we use to define a line between hardscape and landscape areas.


Texture along with multi seasonal color finishes off a nice wall and boulder placement.


Perennial plantings give color throughout the year and are low maintenance.


A good basic background planting allows for all colors from your more vibrant plantings to “POP”.


We are BIG on design which includes color and texture. This is a crucial part of the overall theme and is essential in completing your outdoor living area.

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