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  • What type of Landscaping and Masonry projects and facets of projects do you engage in? We are a complete turnkey masonry, hardscape and landscape company. Reading the definitions below you will see that we are a full service contracting Company meaning we simplify projects for our clients by handling all aspects of their project.
  • What is “Masonry”? Masonry is construction achieved through the use of units of various natural or artificial mineral products, such as stone, brick, or concrete, glass block, etc.. The term, masonry can be applied to the craft itself or to the finished product. 4000 BC Egypt is where it really started taking off…. Yet, today it is a fine-tuned skill, craft and an art form. Masonry is combined into almost all structures and hardscapes you see.
  • What is the difference between “hardscape” and “landscape”? The most simplistic definition of “landscape” and “hardscape”
    • Landscape- Anything created around your home with the use of living (animate) object. Eg.- plants, sod, trees, flowers, etc..
    • Hardscape- Anything created around your home with the use of non-living (inanimate) objects. Eg- fireplaces, patios, walls, outdoor kitchens, pools, pavilions, ponds, etc.
  • How long have you been in business? Our Company has been in business since 1985.
  • Are you insured and what type of insurance do you carry? We are fully insured with full worker’s compensation as well as 2 million in liability insurance.
  • Do you engage in small landscaping and masonry projects? What’s the range in size you will take on? We do not take on small projects or small repair jobs. We engage in medium to very large sized projects yet have a low minimum of $5000.00 per project.
  • What type of a warranty do you offer? We offer a full (1) one year labor and material warranty on all projects.

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