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Decorative Retaining Walls

Decorative Retaining Walls
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Besides their functionality, decorative walls and retaining walls can offer beauty and much more outdoor living space. Spruce up your home and property with custom designed stone or brick masonry retaining walls! Arnold Masonry and Landscape adheres to strict construction methods to provide structural stability to these types of walls. With true masonry walls, we construct concrete footings along with steel reinforcement, both horizontally and vertically. This is tied into concrete blocks which are laid in mortar. This is where the structural stability comes into play. Then, we construct the facade which can be anything from brick to stone to stucco, etc.. Weep holes are installed at the base of the walls to allow for water to be released from behind the walls. This is true masonry and a product that will stand the test of time.


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Stacked stone has become very popular and this decorative wall pattern is used throughout our hardscape and landscape projects. Pictured here it is used as a facade on a short retaining wall.
Where a decorative wall design allows, ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape enjoys adding unique features. Focal points as with this urn water feature with elevated retaining wall are always a wonderful, decorative wall idea that helps to break up the monotony of an otherwise linear product.
Many times when elevations are an issue, we at ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape encompass impressive decorative retaining walls with matching stone, brick and other materials to envelop the complete space with an impressive design as shown here.
Retaining walls are ultimately purely structural in that they are constructed to perform the function of holding back earth. Structural knowhow and a history of this type of construction involving all forms of retaining wall construction is something that ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape is well versed in.


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