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Atlanta Outdoor Living Hardscape Company

Atlanta Outdoor Living Hardscape Company

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Outdoor Living Hardscape

Your backyard has endless options in outdoor living hardscape additions in Atlanta, GA. and north Atlanta. There so many different masonry hardscape additions you can incorporate into your backyard and ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape is going to go over the following in this blog; outdoor kitchens, outdoor fireplaces, stone, brick, masonry patios. To clarify what “hardscape” means, here is the definition: Anything created around your home with the use of non-living (inanimate) objects. ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape has been creating outdoor living hardscapes since 1985! Yes…that’s 30 years! Next time you’re thinking of creating an outdoor living environment always check the company’s credentials! Review our website and many of our social media links to see the outdoor living hardscapes we have created!

Outdoor Kitchens

                An outdoor kitchen can range not only in size but in all types of appliances and items. The smallest outdoor kitchen we build is 6 feet in width and is a grill and cabinet enclosure. It encompasses a grill, cabinet storage, and a prepping area. Then there are slightly larger kitchens with an added Green Egg (Smoker). There are many different options you can add to your outdoor kitchen but these are just a few; Grill, Sink, Pizza Oven, Green Egg (smoker), and a Refrigerator. Don’t forget about the lighting you can add to your outdoor kitchen! The most amazing facet of masonry is that every project is unique and custom built and with ARNOLD Masonry every project is constructed by master masons!

 Outdoor Fireplaces

                Here in Atlanta, Georgia an outdoor fireplace is the perfect addition to any landscape or hardscape design. Outdoor fireplaces are one of the many construction specialties of ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape. Also outdoor fireplaces are one of the most desired and sought out additions to any outdoor living area. Outdoor Stone or Brick Fireplaces create an area for everyone to gather around, stay warm and just have a fun time! Outdoor Fireplaces can be created with a multitude of materials but the most common are: stone or brick with a fire-brick box. Outdoor fireplaces are installed for their warmth as well as their ambiance to the surrounding living area!  The truly offer that "WOW" effect!

Outdoor Patios

                Stone and brick patios create a clean surface to extend your home outwards into your backyard. Patio design is also one of our top Atlanta outdoor specialties. To make it simple on how we create our patios we are going to break it down for you! First we excavate the area where the patio is going into. Afterwards we pour a concrete pad with a slight slope for the elements to run off of. The final step is the finishing touch with your choice of materials! Atlanta, North Atlanta and the surrounding areas are the perfect place to implement a patio! It is the first step in creating an outdoor living space.

Outdoor Living at its’ finest!

                So that sums up the 3 most sought out outdoor living additions! Feel free to contact us for a consultation on your new outdoor living masonry hardscape area! ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape is here to help you through EVERY step of your outdoor living area adventure. Please review our website and see why we are the #1 Hardscape and Landscape company/contractor in Atlanta, Georgia! We hope to show you our professionalism and why we have been in business for 30+ years serving 1000's of very satisfied clients.


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