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What To Do With Your Backyard

What To Do With Your Backyard

05/01/2014 | Custom Landscape,Stonework & Brickwork


What To Do With Your Backyard

               Have you ever looked at your backyard and thought there were more possibilities? Have you wanted to create that outdoor living space of your dreams into reality? ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape is here to help! With the owner and CEO of the Company being a Master Mason  and a Master Horticulturist as our Head of Landscape, we are more than capable of bringing your backyard and outdoor living to life! Anything is possible, just review our website and many social media links to see a sampling of our creations

To begin with we'd enjoy educating you about the different terms that sometimes get confusing. “Landscape” and “Hardscape”. Understanding these basic terms will also help you in choosing the right type of Company for the specific type of project you are seeking to create.



                I bet you have called a sole Landscape Company to give you a price for a stone patio or a fireplace, etc.. Well, that patio or fireplace isn’t “landscaping”. Landscape is anything to do with living (animate) things. Some examples would be sod, bushes, flowers,trees, etc. These are landscape items. This would be called "landscaping".


Here is an example of a landscape project-


Some description



                Hardscape is a term most people are not familiar with. It’s the “scaping” of your property with non-living (inanimate) things. Some examples would be with the use of masonry materials such as stone, brick, and concrete. If you have a patio in your backyard or a walkway, a fireplace, pool, water feature, etc.. These are all hardscape items.This would be called "hardscaping". 


Here is an example of a hardscape project ( with some minor landscape surrounding it)-


Some description


Landscape versus Hardscape 

                So, in short, think of it this way. Landscape is anything living or animate and Hardscape is anything non-living or inanimate. It's important to understand these definitions in order to choose the correct type of Company to handle your project especially when you are seeking masonry and hardscape. Think of it this way - you don’t go to a butcher shop to purchase vegetables. With ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape, we ARE the butcher shop ( with veggies on the side ;) ).

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