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Choosing a Masonry Hardscape and Landscape Company in Atlanta, GA.

What To Consider When Choosing a Masonry Hardscape and Landscape Company

06/24/2015 | custom-landscape,stonework-brickwork,outdoor-fireplaces-firepits,outdoor-kitchens-grills,outdoor-pizza-oven,patios-pool-decks,stairs-steps-stoops,decorative-retaining-walls,columns-entrances,swimming-pools-fountains,ponds-pondless-waterfalls


Okay, so you have decided that you want to beautify your yard or your house. Possibly a new stone or brick patio, an outdoor fireplace or kitchen, custom landscape, boulder or stone retaining and decorative walls, water features, etc.. The list is quite long. From specific outdoor living elements to complete backyard renovations, yet where are you going to start? There are a lot of ways to find and choose the company for you yet never do a web search and make random calls. Research the companies that you have chosen once you have decided on (3) three! More than that and it will become extremely confusing since construction companies vary greatly in not only their abilities but in their pricing and integrity.  The following are what we feel should be your first 3 steps in the process of choosing the correct company for creating your outdoor living elements and projects.


1.     Check for Reviews and References

Why would you hire a company/contractor if they didn’t have any references or reviews? Read online reviews from individuals that have had projects completed at their home. See their response about the company and how the process went. You should also go online and do some research on major construction sites, for example; or and the BBB.  Always read in depth and remember to not just focus on the negative reviews. Notice if there are more negative versus positive reviews and what each client had to say. ALSO, take note to make sure that the review was written by an actual client who experienced the company's business ethics through an actual project or if it is just a disgruntled individual who wrote a negative review even though they never hired the company.


2.     Review/Research the Company’s website ,portfolio and social media

A MUST! Talk to the company (email or call usually) and ask for a portfolio to showcase their work. The easiest way with a reputable company is to check their website for examples of work they have completed. Seeing finished products and projects will help you decide whether or not the company has experience, or can provide the type of service you are searching for. Seeing the different projects can even inspire you with your own! Take note of specific services available as well as service areas.


3.     Consider your budget

Definitely determine your budget before starting the search for your company of choice. Different companies will have different rates, but remember cheaper isn’t always better. Some companies may and will be cheaper, which in most cases reflect in the quality of the workmanship. Discussing your budget with a reputable company can be very helpful for both parties since the project would be adjusted in an attempt to come in on budget. ALWAYS seek quotations and never ask for an ESTIMATE. Estimates allow freedom for the price to be adjusted at the end of the project. A firm turnkey quotation is set as a solid price within the contract.This has always been a practice of ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape. Firm turnkey quotations and contracts.



                 Hardscaping and Landscaping your property is most definitely a worthwhile investment for your property value as well as personal enjoyment value. Choosing the right company will make all the difference. Following these 3 steps before making a decision will ensure that you end up with the final project/product that you desired and have a wonderful experience throughout.


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