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What Is Hardscaping?

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What is hardscaping?


Hardscaping is a subcategory of landscaping which includes practical and decorative structures on a landscape. Hardscaping involves the nonliving element of decoration which provides for masonry outdoor fireplaces, stone walls, and brick and stone patios , etc.. Some of the materials that are used in hardscaping include concrete, wood, metal, brick, and stone. 


Hardscaping can also involve other features such as fountains and masonry pool deck renovations. Hardscaping helps in the organization of natural area and functions, defining the use of space, helps to increase home value and personal enjoyment value and also to discover of softscaping. 


Arnold Masonry and Landscape is a company located in Atlanta and offers services to North Atlanta, Buckhead, and Atlanta. Some of the services provided by this company include hardscaping, landscaping, masonry, and home improvement.  


Our company is known for designing outdoor living spaces by adding features such as kitchens, bars, decks, grill enclosures, fire pits, walkways, elevated patios, among others. It also offers outdoor water features such as swimming pool renovations. 


Our company mostly use stone and brick material for hardscaping, and some of the stone they use include limestone, Ozark flagstone, crab orchard flagstone, Tennessee fieldstone, Pennsylvania blue stone, and Oklahoma flagstone. They also make use of other materials such as antique wood, brick pavers, and slates, among others. 


Some of the landscaping and hardscape services the company offers include: 


  1. Construction of columns and entrances
  2. Constructing decorating and retaining walls
  3. Installation of outdoor kitchens and grills, pizza ovens, chimneys and fireplaces
  4. The building of decks and patios
  5. Designing of custom landscape
  6. The building of staircases, stoops, landings, and steps
  7. Stonescape and brick masonry


Our company also offer water features such as waterfalls, swimming pools, and pond to your outdoor living. Our company provides varying waterfalls such as pondless waterfall, waterfall with both stream and lakes, waterfalls with streams only, waterfalls with ponds, waterfalls which are surrounded by a rock bed and multiple waterfalls. We also construct fountains which are centerpieces where water bubbles up to the top and down the edges to the stone bed. 


Arnold Masonry and Landscape Company is advantageous over other hardscaping companies in Atlanta in that;

  1. We offer interior renovations
  2. We offer a variety of designs for home improvement - interior and exterior

III. Have qualified staff who are knowledgeable about different hardscape designs and construction

IV. Offer excellent customer service

  1. Make use of numerous materials for hardscaping from stone and brick to synthetic stone such as Eldorado stone.


The best material used is of high quality and durability. Our company helps in home improvement by renovating specific areas around the house, including the basement, fireplace, kitchens, wine cellars, and especially the backyard space. Some of the home development they offer include installation of ventless gas log outdoor fireplaces, creating new retaining walls and arches, installation of stone chimneys,kitchens and unique custom built outdoor living spaces. 


Arnold Masonry and Landscape Company is thus the premier company to help in your home interior and exterior designing. It has experts that can give you clear guidance of what best suits your home. The materials used to provide the best hardscape experience. You can view the website gallery to see various designs to help in your decision making.


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