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ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape has received many questions throughout the years regarding so many facets of construction. Regarding creating a blog revolving around hardscape and masonry landscape elements, we decided to make it concise and focus on the (4) four main questions we hear most often. 

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What do you consider a “must-have” in a landscape design? This can be large or small. It can also focus on specific areas, such as a patio or deck, or the landscape overall.

When considering a landscape design, it’s important to understand what is at the top of the clients list. Pure “landscape” is also referred to as “softscape”. This means purely animate objects as with plants/trees/sod/etc. Many of our clients are seeking “hardscape” and confuse that with the term “landscape”. If a client is simply looking for softscape, then the design is straightforward incorporating living, animate items. If the client is seeking hardscape or a mix of hardscape and softscape, we always recommend starting off w/ the patio on a clean pallet. Prior to all the “fun” items like an outdoor fireplace or outdoor kitchen and much more, the patio is the starting point which will tie all other elements together.  

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In a similar vein, what is something you would recommend to take your design to the next level?

Being in business for 38 years, we’ve created MANY levels depending on our client’s desires for their outdoor living. Our #1 best seller is the ever famous “OUTDOOR FIREPLACE”. Bringing family and friends together or even having a romantic, peaceful evening in front of the fire while staring at the stars and enjoying the wonderful outdoors, people are obviously attracted to the combination mentioned. This also includes firepits, yet the chimney is the focal point of an outdoor living space and should be created as such. 

Outdoor Fireplaces and firepits

Drone Time Laps of Outdoor Living makeover 


What one thing would you recommend for an outdoor kitchen of any size?

A GRILL! What else? 😊 We’ve created OUTDOOR KITCHENS across Atlanta and North Atlanta for decades, yet the grill is so important. Being able to cook your meals outside always adds some type of indescribable flavor and is great fun. Also, we must add that an item like a Green Egg or other type of smoker is also extremely popular and if you enjoy smoked meats, it should be considered. 

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How do you recommend handling environmental challenges, such as sun, wind, drainage, slopes?

Many of our projects through the years have incorporated very popular structures like rough sawn cedar pavilions or stone columned roof structures. Many times, we’ve added outdoor/exterior curtains and the like which can bring privacy and elegance. If wind is an issue, incorporating folding styled doors into the entranceways is one idea. We even created a large, covered pavilion where the client wanted high end garage styled doors on 3 sides with a very large chimney on the fourth. This way he could open the doors completely in the summer and close them in the winter to hold the heat inside. It truly boils down to imagination and budget. 

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