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                    Have you seen our Atlanta hardscape, masonry and landscape YouTube videos? If not, then here’s the link Go check them out! On this exclusive blog we are going to go over our top 3 most popular videos which offer a brief sampling to see what’s happening and what is being created. These will include facets of outdoor living like stone or brick patios, outdoor fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, pavilions, night lighting, and much more!

                    Serving Atlanta and North Atlanta since 1985, we have thousands of projects within our portfolio and many are reflected in our corporate website as well as our advertising and social media partner sites like HOUZZ.com and Angie’s List or other sites like Facebook Business and Pinterest. Take some time to review these sites in order to gain some wonderfully, beautiful custom designs and construction project ideas for your own home renovations! 



                During this video we are creating a whole new outdoor living experience for our fantastic clients.  There are 3 main facets to this project all pulled together by a random patterned gray Crab Orchard flagstone patio. On one side there is a custom outdoor kitchen which has the following: multitude of storage, a sink, an outdoor mini fridge, a separate searer and a 3 burner grill….all enclosed by brick walls with a Pennsylvania Bluestone countertop. In the middle is a custom pavilion to keep you out of rainy weather or hot sun. With the pavilion there is a custom fieldstone Ashlar and brick fireplace with a see-through firebox, which is amazing! The warmth of the double-sided firebox can be felt from everywhere! Finally on the other side there is a dual split stream pondless waterfall which includes an elevated “piece” of the patio…so the water looks like it’s disappearing into patio! The project was then finalized with a complete landscape install.

                 We can go on for days about this amazing project but seeing is believing so we are going to include two video links for you! One is the overall project and another is an up-close video of the pondless waterfall.Enjoy!


                Every little detail counts! These time-lapse videos show the construction of a gorgeous, exquisite and impressive outdoor living combination. When we say outdoor living combination, we mean it! Our client had an existing patio and fireplace but wanted to expand it into an outdoor kitchen, well they definitely got what they wanted! Let’s start with the fireplace, it once was a 6’ ½” tall fireplace which was transformed into a 12’ custom Ozark Ashlar ( dry stack) and Canyon Creek Ashlar( with shadow joint) outdoor stone fireplace with a detailed thin gray Crab Orchard flagstone inlay. The client always wanted a pizza oven, so ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape constructed a similar structure on a slightly smaller scale to balance out the overall scale of the complete creation. Within this structure we installed a Chicago Brick Oven along with a storage area below for clean, dry wood to cook with. What amazingly delicious pizzas! In the middle there is a custom stone insert for a Green Egg smoker. Of course you have to have a sink and outdoor refrigerator as well as a stainless-steel grill. There is also added storage and drawers under the grill and sink so you can store all of your utensils, smoking wood, and charcoal, really anything you need! Included in this is night lighting throughout the property including the backsplash, which tied the chimney and pizza oven together by using the matching thin flagstone feather pattern. Thick Canyon Creek flagstone used for capping and PA Bluestone used for the countertop.

                 There is so much to this project which is why photos and videos are a great way for you to realize the extreme details and design. We even replaced the patio with a gorgeous brown Crab Orchard thick flagstone in an Ashlar pattern and BUFF colored mortar.  We have 2 parts to this time lapse video of the Outdoor Pizza Oven, Kitchen, and Fireplace! ENJOY!


               In 30 plus years of business, we have lost count of how many custom constructed outdoor fireplaces we have designed and constructed. They have ranged in all sizes, designs, materials, etc.. This specific stone and brick outdoor fireplace is one prime example of our attention to detail.  The house, leaning towards a French revival design, meant that although we desired to pull in a bit of rustic charm by using a Tennessee Fieldstone ashlar base, we also wanted to tie the brick facade of the existing house into this chimney. As you will see, we placed some of the ashlar stone within the brick facade as well and included a beautiful wood mantle to match the pavilion.

              Overall a gorgeous addition to our client’s home and outdoor living enjoyment.


                 These projects mentioned above definitely brought the WOW factor to our clients’ backyards. Your dreams can become reality with ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape. We have been beautifying Atlanta and surrounding areas for 30+ years! What other companies can say that? Seeing is believing so watch our videos and visit our website HERE and check out our blog page too!

                Have ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape create your own custom outdoor living area! CONTACT US!

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