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As an outdoor living masonry hardscape specialty company which has served Atlanta, GA. and North Atlanta for well over 30 years, we not only have the expertise and ability to design exquisite projects for our clients yet we also have an extreme amount of experience. “Experience” brings much more to the table then a fancy business name, a charming salesman and just as important, a cost that seems too good to be true. Over the past 10 years we have witnessed the city grow at an ever increasing rate compared to prior times. Not only has it grown in population, traffic, road construction, and …stress?. It has grown in many industries increasing in their business population. Masonry contracting companies, outdoor living experts, hardscape specialists are no longer few and far between. In fact, they have become a multitude overwhelming the public,  advertising sites and the internet as a whole to the point where it has become quite difficult for a homeowner to be able to easily critique and choose whom they feel confident with prior to meeting and hiring. Obviously, online “review sites” are just as numerous and with that comes much confusion and game play. 

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 We at ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape have witnessed and experienced the ups and downs since the mid 1980’s. We can hope that more homeowners are able and willing to spend time critiquing companies. To spend time reading the important reviews on reputable review sites. These would be sites that care about both the companies they promote plus the homeowner, as HOUZZ  . Websites as Yelp and whatnot are worthless since as many homeowners do not know, they seek a “pay-to-play” business model. Another words, if we, the company, pay them, they will push us to the top of their “list”. This is the bait and hook situation that homeowners are not aware of that construction companies are dealing with.It also means that YOU, the homeowner, might be contacting some unprofessional individuals and/or companies just because they paid to sit at the top of the “list”. Several advertising companies, as Home Advisor and Angie’s List, will not even allow us into our own so-called profile to adjust the verbiage describing our company, service areas and more since we don’t pay them for advertising. We have reached out to them to a great extent yet they ignore us unless we are a paying client of theirs. What does that say to you? Actions speak louder than words. By the way, Home Advisor and Angie’s List are owned by the same major corporation.


 Perform an experiment- Do a Google Search for “ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape“. As you scroll you will notice that YELP only provides (1) one review with a 1 star  which was an individual we never even met yet YELP is hiding (10) TEN reviews with 5 stars from our actual clients that we created projects for. This alone speaks volumes and we want the public to be aware of this not just for our sake but for the sake of all industries. For this reason we have refused to advertise with YELP even though they harass us with phone calls. ~~ If you’re seeking a great burger due to a photo, possibly YELP is your site. Other than that it is a site that seeks to extort. The same goes for others.

 The future might hold an ever growing wiser general public that spends more time researching the type of construction companies that they seek. That they remove themselves from sites that are only pushing the “pay to play” business model. To start seeking specifics and spending actual time reading versus the quick click and call. Keep in mind that the quick and simple click and call that you place is usually to whatever company, individual or who knows what who is willing to pay to place themselves to the top of the list of whatever advertising site that you are on. It does not mean that they are the best and in fact many do not have much of a business history at all. Research companies since masonry hardscape is not a $50 investment into your home. Just as you would research your new home or car, research your contractors in all industries.

 We at ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape truly implore the general public to start spending time researching companies. Of course this would include ours. We see an ever increasing degree of such poor quality in workmanship as well as structural integrity on projects across North Atlanta.Look to us for your outdoor living projects created in beauty and structurally correct. 

 Someone once attacked us by asking us what ever happened to the “cost of doing business”. This was due to a very small consultation fee that we charge, as well as apply back to the contract, due to seeking serious clients. Believe us, we could go into great depth regarding our own costs of doing business and the price paid serving Atlanta and North Atlanta for 4 decades, yet possibly the best question is not to the company YOU are hiring as to if they are paying a price of doing business. Possibly the best question is- Does the company you are about to hire have the history, know-how, expertise to easily handle as well as create what they propose and what you expect with confidence and care.

 On a last note- the old saying” nothing is free”. Who do you feel is truly paying for all of the Internet advertising companies? The company you hire?- or- You, the client?

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