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Atlanta Flag Stone Patio


We are going to succinctly explain the usual construction method that ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape takes in designing and constructing your stone or brick patio. Once the design and materials are in order we first start out by sighting the property. A proper patio design and use of patio materials that fit your home is a key element. Correct patio construction should always include a proper elevation grade “fall” to force rain fall to follow a specific route. Once we have elevations set excavation of the area is next in order for getting it prepped. We dowel steel rebar into the foundation ( where applicable) and also run steel rebar throughout according to design and layout. In areas that need a much stronger structural substrate we create a grid with steel rebar to give the patio more support. Afterwards we come in and pour a 4-inch thick concrete pad using a commercial grade concrete mix. Once set we move forward with the artistic facade. Brick and brick pavers are products used at times yet through our many years creating amazing outdoor living projects we have found that stone ( in the case of patios the generic term would be Flagstone ) is most popular. When a stone patio is the product we hand hew every piece of stone and set these in chosen patterns using a mortar with a higher concentration of Portland Cement with the chosen color. All grouting/joints are sponge washed. Once the patio is complete and set we perform a final acid wash. The acid helps clean any mortar and film off the stones and also brings out the gorgeous color. Muriatic acid breaks down the lime that is part of the mortar chemistry. There ya go! A quick synopsis of how we build a gorgeous stone patio!


Outdoor living can incorporate many types of hardscape and landscape creations. If one envisions their backyard as a blank canvas ready to be painted with specific pieces and parts to form the complete picture, one of the primary and beginning stages would be the creation of your patio space. Whether it is large or small it adds that extra living space! It adds that clean solid surface that is functional for personal enjoyment or gatherings yet also should bring forth the aesthetics to bring pleasure to the eye and mind. ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape takes great pride in all of our clients’ projects, and this includes your personal patio space. Allow us to create your stone, brick or a mix of material custom patio to bring forth a patio creation that fits your home, your lifestyle and most importantly what makes YOU look forward to your private time.

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After we finish your new patio there is a blank slate for anything! Now you might be thinking “Hmm, what else can I do?” Well since you probably want to enjoy your new outdoor living hardscape space you might want to consider quality outdoor furniture for beginners. That’s a start! Since the patio is there ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape offers a full spectrum of exciting and unique hardscape creations to add more features to your outdoor living area! Maybe an outdoor kitchen or a magnificent custom brick or stone outdoor fireplace? If you like throwing parties we can build a fire pit and what about a masonry pizza oven? What about a courtyard surrounded with short knee walls? Low voltage night lightingWater features? There are so many possibilities, designs and creations. Please view our galleries for a sampling of our many projects spanning 30 years in business.


It can all be done! Take a second; close your eyes think of your backyard. Now imagine a stone patio rather it is small or large. Think of all the time you will be spending with your family and friends out there enjoying your new custom built patio and other masonry hardscape additions that help form your private outdoor living oasis. Now open your eyes. Wasn’t that a pleasant sight? If yes, allow us to help you make that vision a reality. Contact us through our easy to use “Contact Us Form” – https://www.arnoldmasonryandlandscape.com/contact/ or call us! 770-345-2686

We look forward to hearing from you as well as gaining your business! Contact Us !

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