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Outdoor Kitchens Add To Outdoor Living

07/25/2015 | outdoor-kitchens-grills,outdoor-pizza-oven

Outdoor Kitchens add to Outdoor Living

Outdoor Kitchens are becoming more and more popular. From custom stone and brick grill enclosures to additional items such as a Big Green Egg, refrigerators, sinks, ice makers, cabinets and so on, Custom masonry outdoor kitchens are a growing facet to your outdoor living space. Outdoor kitchens are one of ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape's top masonry specialties. We have been creating and installing outdoor kitchens since 1985. We definitely have the “know-how” and are here for you, the client! Please visit our website HERE to view our a sampling of our many outdoor kitchen projects. You can also contact us for a consultation and quote on your new custom outdoor kitchen or grill enclosure!


What does an outdoor kitchen consist of?

                ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!  There are many facets that can be added to your outdoor kitchen but here are a few popular examples; Grill, Sink, Pizza Oven, Green Egg (or a smoker), Sink, Refrigerator. The simplest outdoor kitchen is a grill and an enclosure for it which includes a stainless steel cabinet with or without drawers.  The most popular materials used are many varieties of stone as well as brick along with custom designs. Backsplashes with low voltage lighting is one example of the many type of designs available. In some cases we even incorporate pizza ovens into some of our kitchens which look like smaller versions of a masonry chimney. Outdoor kitchens and grill enclosures can sit alone or many times are tied into a grander scaled project including larger facets to outdoor living like outdoor fireplaces. Each project is unique. Each design is custom constructed by master masons.


 You can be cooking by the end of the month!

                 Trust in ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape to fulfill your every outdoor kitchen and masonry hardscape project desired! We have 30+ years experience….what other companies can say that? This knowledge and ability comes with years of practicing this art of masonry on many levels. Our goal is quality, not quantity. Bringing to fruition a finished artistically designed and constructed project that our clients are pleased with foremost.


                 Feel free to visit some of our reviews HERE and read about all of our amazing projects! ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape is YOUR premier Atlanta Masonry Hardscape, Landscape and Home Renovation company and contractor! Let's get you in the kitchen! - Outdoors! Contact us! 


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