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Interior Brick and Stone Masonry Creations by ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape

Interior Brick and Stone Masonry Creations by ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape

12/18/2016 | stonework-brickwork,home-improvement

Interior Brick and Stone Masonry

Does the inside of your home need a “facelift”? Do you wish some parts of your home had a more “WOW” factor? Within this blog we are going to talk about a several design additions which revolve around interior brick and stone masonry and how they can improve your home. We recommend that you visit our website and browse through our gallery to see some examples of how interior stone and brick masonry can add gorgeous detail and richness to your home design. Also visit our pages across the internet like HOUZZ.COM ,etc. to realize the possibilities of interior design with stone and brick masonry. ARNOLD Masonry has been beautifying homes since 1985! Yes that’s correct. We have been in business for over 30 years beautifying our clients homes throughout Atlanta and North Atlanta including cities like Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Woodstock, Vinings and many more. Please view our service area page.


                Now since you have checked out all some our pages, sites and design ideas as well as some of our creations, you probably have some of your own ideas of new additions to your home. There are seemingly endless possibilities. Do you have a room but want an accent wall? A stone accent wall brings weight and different textures to the room adding richness. Is your fireplace outdated? Time to update it with stone or brick! What about a stone or brick floor for your kitchen, bathroom or even basement?  Do you just want that WOW factor anywhere you go in your house? Do you want your guests to be amazed when they enter your home? From masonry bars and wine cellars to brick ceilings. With the use of synthetic stone and "thin brick" materials we are capable of designing and creating masonry additions to so many areas of your home without the concern of load bearing issues.

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                When it comes to anything that deals with masonry, ARNOLD MASONRY is the go-to company! We have been beautifying and enhancing homes through Atlanta and North Atlanta for 30+ years. Being masters of this trade brings knowledge and the know-how to fulfill your every interior stone/brick enhancement of your home! Please, again, visit our website as well as our site's galleries, reviews, and our other blogs! If you’re ready to make a change in your home CONTACT US by visiting our CONTACT FORM or contacting our office at 770-345-2686.

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