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Flagstone Patio Construction Contractor

03/26/2019 | patios-pool-decks

Flagstone Patio Construction Contractor

Many types of stone and brick patio designs by ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape are available to our Atlanta, GA. and North Atlanta clients. Flagstone patio design is one of our many Atlanta outdoor specialties. Flagstone can be used for a multitude of landscape and hardscape outdoor home projects and solutions. We realize that the design and creation of a new or replacement flagstone, stonework, or stone masonry patio can be confusing to most potential clients. Our foremost job is to educate our clients of not only the many facets within the construction of your new flagstone patio and design that we handle, but exactly what is involved with each facet of the design and construction of your new masonry patio. We can help you select the material and design of, in this case, your new flagstone patio, along with its application. Our many years of experience creating flagstone along with other types of stone as well as brick patios for Atlanta homes with our own hands, creates a trust between you, the client, and us, the contractor. Contact us! 770-345-2686 or use our website CONTACT US form by clicking here! 

Atlanta Stone and Brick Patio Contractor

Atlanta flagstone patio design and construction at its best! In Atlanta and North Atlanta our flagstone patio design and construction projects have been consistently voted in as the best with top quality and craftsmanship by all of our Atlanta, Georgia, North Atlanta, Buckhead, Roswell, Sandy Springs, Marietta, Alpharetta, Milton, Cumming, Woodstock, Johns Creek, Dunwoody, Brookhaven and Vinings, GA clients. The Atlanta flagstone patio design and construction that we can create for your outdoor landscape and hardscape living space will serve you in beauty, design and function for years to come. Atlanta flagstone patio design and construction is where our artistry in design meets with our mastery of technique and quality in construction. We truly are masters of the work that we do and our finished Atlanta flagstone patio design projects speak for themselves.

Atlanta Patio Design And Construction Company 

Atlanta is the perfect place to implement patio projects utilizing the beauty of stone and brick. Stone and brick masonry is an art form and our company is a master of it. Atlanta patio design using flagstone utilizes all of the years of dedication needed to become a Mason and even more-so a master Mason and truly showcases our abilities in the construction of flagstone patios as well as in all other areas of stone masonry and stonework as well as brickwork. We have had countless remarks and compliments revolving around the obvious artistic and professional abilities as a company of Master tradesmen. From Atlanta patio design using flagstone, other types of masonry patios, outdoor kitchens, stone outdoor and indoor stone fireplaces and chimneys, stone retaining and decorative walls, stone columns and pool decks... the list is quite long as to the many types of projects, designs and materials that we bring together for the total turnkey Atlanta patio design, flagstone, stonework, masonry, hardscape, landscape, or home renovation projects that you desire.

Located in Atlanta, we as a company can help you with patio design and install and select all the elements for your new flagstone patio design based on your individual needs and wants. We specialize in offering flagstone as well as all other types of materials for your new masonry patio design. How large would you like your flagstone patio design to be? What materials would you like to use to construct your flagstone patio? How would you like to incorporate the artistry of our tradesmen into the functionality of your new flagstone patio design? We can help you answer these and many other questions concerning your Atlanta flagstone patio design needs.

It is important to consider the long term practically and maintenance of the patio materials you select carefully...

When you are choosing the material to use as a foundation for your new outdoor patio design, it is important to think about the long-term practicality of the material you choose before you make a final decision. Here are a list of flagstone patio design advantages and challenges to showcase some of your options when it comes to selecting flagstone as your Atlanta home’s patio landscape and hardscape material of choice:

Ø Attractiveness

Flagstone is an extremely attractive material. Homeowners generally want their home to stand out from the rest. Using flagstone in landscape and hardscape projects provides a way to achieve that goal. Flagstone is more aesthetically pleasing than artificial or synthetic materials like bricks or pavers. For example, flagstones have unique patterns that provide an antique and elegant look to patios, pathways or fireplaces. Thus, no two flagstone projects look alike because their stones don't contain the same shapes or markings. Another advantage to flagstone involves imagination. Using flagstone allows you to pick from a variety of color combinations to achieve an even more distinctive look for your Atlanta home’s landscape and hardscape design projects.

Ø Flagstone is extremely durable

Flagstone is an extremely durable, tough material. A project designed with flagstone typically won't corrode even when exposed to harsh hot Atlanta weather and freeze/thaw conditions. Another advantage to incorporating flagstone into your hardscape and landscape design involves suitability. Besides being extremely durable, flagstone is suitable to use for most outdoor hardscape and landscape protects because it can provide traction in wet weather. Thus, flagstone can protect you from possibly slipping on your patio or walkway.

Ø Uneven Surfaces

The most common problem with utilizing flagstone involves creating an even surface when preparing for installation. Flagstone is available in different sizes. Also, flagstones range in thickness. When constructing a flagstone patio design project where you're using different sizes of flagstones, you must make sure to prepare the surface properly. A surface must be provided that fits the size and thickness of the flagstones so they settle evenly. Shortcuts should not be used such as cutting thicker flagstones into a thinner size. Besides ruining the character of the flagstones, cutting could then make them susceptible to breakage.

Ø Flagstone Installation

Flagstone patio design and other projects installed by Arnold Masonry and Landscape will be a wonderful asset to your home’s landscape and hardscape. To enjoy the advantages of flagstone requires proper installation. Installing flagstone involves the knowledge of a number of stages such as making sure that a solid concrete substrate has been poured to provide a very long lasting foundation for the finished patio. 

Choices! Choices! Choices! It's all up to you...

Flagstone is an excellent choice to be used for your patio. In addition, you can even use a combination of flagstone and other different types of patio materials to make your patio unique and comfortable.

You also have to consider the drainage properties of each material. For instance, using individual stones such as flagstone, bricks, or pavers will let water run through more easily than a whole slab of concrete.

Choosing a patio material such as flagstone will be an added investment to your patio and your environment...

Please remember that your outdoor patio is an investment so an up-front higher cost can actually be a better expense in the long term. No matter what patio material you choose, make sure it’s easy to clean and maintain so that it will stand up well to the climate that you live in. In any case, it is always best to seek professional assistance and advise when selecting flagstone or any other materials for patio, landscape or hardscape design.

When looking for a flagstone patio design and construct contractor in Atlanta, trust in ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape as well as for all of your home renovation, stone masonry and stonework needs and all other forms of pool deck, outdoor kitchen construction, stone patios, Atlanta masonry, Atlanta hardscape, and Atlanta landscape. Mr. Arnold is an Atlanta Master Mason of over 34 years and along with his crews of Master Masons offers you the superior and premier art of stonework, stone masonry and all forms of masonry skill and knowledge necessary to provide you with the best outdoor flagstone patio design results, hands down!

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