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Atlanta Masonry Contractors

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Atlanta Masonry Contractors

 Just what is "masonry" ? Many people actually are not familiar with that word and others feel it revolves around mysterious explanations. The word itself involves the description of specific individuals who are trained in the art of masonry using materials ( as stone, brick, etc.) which are "masonry materials". This art dates back millenniums and in the distant past was an extremely important art as well as a position of an individual since a city was protected only as well as their masons were capable of creating their safety through masonry walls.

 Today, masonry spans through much more than the safety of city walls. Outdoor living and terms like "hardscape" are actually mostly "masonry". Considering much needed outdoor living and entertainment items as with patios, fireplaces, firepits, outdoor kitchens, pool decks, steps, walkways and much more, the list can be long and finding the correct company and masonry contractor can be confusing. ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape makes it easy to create your home's perfect hardscape outdoor living space. Please take a look through our portfolio HERE. 

Masonry and Hardscape Project Size

 Another important facet of your home outdoor living project is- What size is the project? Specific companies have specific project sizes of the projects they create. They are set up for a range as with many facets of business.

 ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape has a low minimum of $5000 yet we tend to deal with medium to large projects. We are able to offer our clients a better overall price for these sized projects. We do receive contacts from potential clients asking if we are able to create a new set of steps or something very small according to our scope size and we always recommend that they contact a local supplier to find a singular mason to handle very small projects.

 Please view our portfolio HERE to see a sampling of our many years of creating custom home hardscape and masonry projects across Atlanta and North Atlanta including Roswell, Marietta, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs and more. Please view our SERVICE AREA HERE.


Specific project verbiage and terms

 With the way search engines now function, it is important to know the correct search terms to use to find what you are seeking. Below are specific search terms and words that are used to find what we offer. We also have a more simplistic "SERVICES LIST" for you to review.( click here to view) -

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