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Alpharetta, GA. – Custom Brick Masonry Retaining Wall, Firepit and PA. Bluestone Patio Project

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Project Description

Through ARNOLD Masonry and Landscape’s 35 plus years in business, we have designed and constructed such a wide array of outdoor living hardscape and masonry landscape projects for our clients. Here is just one example of a magnificent transformation from what was a dirty concrete slab patio and some Home Depot modular blocks into an exciting outdoor makeover incorporating so many fun facets to your backyard oasis. At one end, we used specific colors and materials to complement each other as well as the home itself. A combination of brick walls and firepit all on top of a sleek and formal PA Bluestone patio. The project brings class and a “richness” to what was a very dull space. It also brings a place for fun, relaxation and peace. Isn’t it time that you consider having your own backyard oasis of peace and enjoyment? CONTACT US!

A fantastic backyard hardscape renovation consisting of a new brick masonry retaining wall, a custom-built brick fire pit and a gorgeous full-color Pennsylvania dimensionally cut Bluestone patio. Our Alpharetta, GA client desired more space from the back of the house to an existing retaining wall. We removed the existing wall and excavated the property in order to gain more patio space. A new block and brick retaining wall was constructed along with a built-in water fountain. We block out a portion of the patio space in order to allow for a custom-built fire pit with room enough for chairs. The gorgeous bluestone patio truly complimented the color of the brick with a matching gray mortar for the whole project.

Other smaller items went into this project including snapped stone finalizing what surpassed our client’s imagination and desire. Our goal is to create the best in a timely manner and with extreme professionalism. For you next outdoor living renovation

Project Specifications

  • Backyard makeover with an initial excavation and removal of existing wall and patio.
  • Construction of a new block and brick retaining wall – custom built.
  • Custom constructed water fountain built into the new retaining wall.
  • A gorgeous full-color PA Bluestone in a cut pattern connecting house to the new retaining wall.
  • A custom-built brick firepit was constructed on new patio.
  • Snapped stone steps installed on side of new retaining wall.

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